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About Johannes’ Brahms project

Johannes’ Brahms project

PhD research

At The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of Leiden University, Johannes Leertouwer conducts PhD research into nineteenth century  performance practices of the orchestral music of Johannes Brahms. Working with a project orchestra to investigate lost expressive tools of the past is an integral part of his research. In the course of his project (2018-2022) he will record the four Brahms symphonies and the four concertos. Together with his orchestra and the soloists, Johannes is developing a different way of handling tempo modifications, vibrato and portamento in an orchestral context. Orchestra and soloists play on 19C instruments or copies of such instruments. This process of investigating, developing and implementing lost expressive tools is documented in film and audio recordings. 

For You

Johannes Leertouwer uses this website to present his research, and other material such as films and recordings about his project. His goal is to make his findings and results easily accessibel to anyone who might be interested.

We kindly ask that you handle the materials on this website, that can all be downloaded, with discretion. They are not intended for publication outside this website. 

We hope that you can find your way around the site and its content easily and that you find it inspiring. We look forward to hearing from you through feedback and comments.