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Who is Johannes Leertouwer?

Johannes Leertouwer, violinist, conductor and researcher.

Violinist, Conductor,

I am a violinist, conductor, researcher and a teacher. For me these things are connected and each activity helps me get better at the others. Sometimes I conduct, sometimes I choose to lead from the violin. It depends on the repertoire, the musicians and the circumstances. I am frequently asked what I prefer, the answer is always the same: “the last thing I did!” 

& Researcher

For me, playing and conducting have a close connection to research. You might say that I play and conduct in an investigative way, and I conduct my research in a playful manner. Historical research is an endless source of inspiration, but it would mean very little to me if I would not have the possibility to apply the findings in performance.

A short biography can be found here:

Johannes Leertouwer English biography